Apps for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories tool helps in increasing your engagement with your followers and providing them a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes about your latest work. I have shared the top 3 apps that are great for designing Instagram stories and you can ensure that even your IG stories are in line with your brand visuals. These applications provide fully customizable layouts that helps you in personalizing your content.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design application. It comprises of professionally designed templates and layouts you can tweak to make your own design with just a few steps. You can create stunning visual stories that reflect your business, cause, or personal brand. You can customize your content with your own logos, colors, and fonts. The app lets you work on projects anytime, anywhere across the web, iOS and Android.


This one is my personal favorite. Unfold is a simple and elegant toolkit for storytellers. There are 100+ templates and layouts and advanced text tools with new fonts to choose from. The application lets you get creative with background colors, textures, stickers, and more. Unfold makes it easy to create professional content on the go. An absolute dream tool for minimal design lovers.


InShot is a powerful screen video editor & movie maker. Great tool for Instagram video stories. It has all the features of video editing from trimming to adding effects. There are options for you to adjust your ratio, add music, and more. It has the Fast/Slow motion feature which is super fun.